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Latest Reports and Rankings 2020

 Index & Rankings 2020

India Ranks 129 in CRI Index released by Oxfam

India has been ranked 129 among 158 countries in the 2020 Commitment to Reducing Inequality (CRI) Index. The third edition of the index focuses on Fighting Inequality in the time of COVID-19. The 2020 CRI index has been topped by Norway. South Sudan is the lowest ranking country in the index at 158th position.

India ranked 89th in World Risk Report 2020

According to the World Risk Index (WRI) 2020, India has been ranked at the 89th spot among 181 Countries. WRI has been developed in cooperation with the United Nations University’s Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNUEHS) and calculated by the International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict (IFHV).

IMD’s Global Smart City Index 2020

The Institute for Management Development, in collaboration with Singapore University for Technology and Design (SUTD), has released the Smart City Index 2020. In 2020 Smart City Index, 109 cities were surveyed.

The index ranks cities based on economic and technological data, as well as by their citizens’ perceptions of how “smart” their cities are. The index has been topped by Singapore, followed by Helsinki and Zurich as top three smart cities. In the 2020 Smart City Index, Hyderabad was the top Indian city, placed at the 85th position. The Indian cities have witnessed a significant drop in their rankings in the Smart City Index 2020.

List of Indian cities in the index:

·        Hyderabad: 85 (67th in 2019)

·        New Delhi: 86 (68th in 2019)

·        Mumbai: 93 (78th in 2019)

·        Bengaluru: 95 (79th in 2019)

India Happiness Report 2020 announced

The first all India Happiness Report 2020 covering all States and Union Territories measuring happiness across the country, what contributes to people’s happiness, the impact of COVID-19 on happiness, and insights from thought leaders. The study is based on a nationwide survey covering 16,950 people between March and July 2020 by Professor Rajesh K Pillania.

In overall happiness ranking of states and union territories:

1.  Mizoram

2.  Punjab

3.  Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Among the big states:

1.  Punjab

2.  Gujarat

3.  Telangana

Among smaller states:

1.  Mizoram

2.  Sikkim

3.  Arunachal Pradesh

Among union territories:

1.  Andaman and Nicobar Islands

2.  Puducherry

3.  Lakshadweep

The worst possible impact of COVID-19 on happiness:

Maharashtra, Delhi, and Haryana have shown the worst possible impact of COVID-19 on happiness, whereas Puducherry and Jammu and Kashmir are neutral and Manipur, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and Lakshadweep have shown the best possible impact of COVID-19 on happiness.


India ranked 116th in the World Bank’s Human Capital Index

World Bank released the report titled “The Human Capital Index 2020 Update: Human Capital in the Time of COVID-19”. The Human Capital Index (HCI) 2020 is a collaboration between the Human Development Practice Group and the Development Economics Group of the World Bank. India has been ranked at the 116th position among 174 countries in the Human Capital Index 2020.
India has been ranked 105th position “Global Economic Freedom Index 2020 Annual Report”
India has been ranked 105th position “Global Economic Freedom Index 2020 Annual Report” by Canada’s Fraser Institute, which has been released in India in conjunction with Center for Civil Society, New Delhi-based think tank. This is the 24th edition of Economic Freedom of the World
Global Innovation Index 2020

India has joined the group of top 50 countries in the global innovation index for the first time, moving up four places to the 48th rank and keeping the top position among the nations in central and southern Asia. India ranks in the top 15 in indicators such as ICT (Information and Communication Technology) services exports, government online services, graduates in science and engineering, and R&D-intensive global companies.

Switzerland, Sweden, the US, the UK and the Netherlands lead the innovation ranking, and the top 5 positions are dominated by high-income countries. The 13th edition of the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2020 has jointly released by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Cornell University and INSEAD Business School.

India Ranked 72nd on Global List with Average Monthly Wage of Rs 32,800, Switzerland Tops: Picodi.com

i.In accordance with the global ranking of average wages prepared by Picodi.com, India ranked 72nd among 106 countries with an average monthly wage of Rs 32,800 (USD 437). Picodi.com is an international e-commerce platform, headquartered in Poland, provides discount coupons.  
ii.The ranking has been topped by Switzerland, where the average wage converted into rupees amounts to Rs 4,49,000 (USD 5,989). 
iii.On the other hand the average monthly wage of Cuba is the lowest at Rs 2,700 (USD 36).
iv.Among Asian countries, India ranked 10th out of 16.

NITI Aayog Released Export Preparedness Index (EPI) 2020: Gujarat Tops the Overall Rankings

On 26th August 2020, NITI Aayog in partnership with Institute of Competitiveness released the Export Preparedness Index (EPI) 2020, this is the first report to examine export preparedness and performance of the states of India. Gujarat was identified as the top performing state in the category of Coastal state and also topped the Overall rankings.

20 Rank- Andhra Pradesh -35.58        6 Rank- Telangana 57.43

National Commission on Population: India’s Population to be more feminine in 2036

On August 19, 2020, the National Commission on Population submitted its report on population projections for the period of 2011-36. The commission was set up by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The report says that the sex ratio of the country is to increase from 943 (2011) to 957 (2036). Sex Ratio is number of females per 1000 males.

According to the report, the population of India is to reach 1.52 billion by 2036 with reference to 2011. India’s population is expected to grow by 25% in 2036 as compared to 2011.

The report also says that the between 2011 and 2021, the population growth rate is to decline to its lowest. Between 2011 and 2021, the population growth rate will be 12.5%. It is to decrease further to 8.4% in 2021-31. By 2031, India will overtake China and will be the most populous country in the world.

National Cancer Registry Programme Report, 2020

On August 18, 2020, the Indian Council of Medical Research released “National Cancer Registry Programme Report”, 2020. According to the report, the number of cancer patients in India are to increase to 15.7 lakhs by 2025.

The report also says that by the end of 2020, there will be 13.9 lakh cancer patients in the country.

Atal Rankings of Institutions on Innovative Achievements, 2020 (ARIIA 2020)

On August 18, 2020, Atal Rankings of Institutions on Innovation Achievements (ARIIA), 2020 was released. The rankings were announced by Vice President Venkaiah Naidu.

The Vice President announced the top ten institutes in public funded and five institutes in private and self-reliance categories. IIT Madras emerged as the best institute under the institute of national importance category.


The institutions were ranked as follows

Rank I-IIT Madras,Rank II-IIT Bombay,Rank III-IIT Delhi

Among the self finance category, SR Engineering College, Telangana topped the ARIIA Ranking 2020. In the category of private institutions, Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT), Odisha was the top performer.

Under Women (only higher educational institutions), Avinashilingam Institue for Home Science and Higher Education for Women emerged as the top performer. Under the category of State Funded Autonomous Institutions, College of Engineering Pune, Maharashtra was the top performer.

The Institute of Chemical Technology, Maharashtra was the top performer in State Funded Universities category.

Bijapur district in Chhattisgarh has topped the list of aspirational districts in Overall Delta Ranking by government think-tank Niti Aayog for the February-June 2020 period. Ri-Bhoi (Meghalaya) and Bahraich (Uttar Pradesh) have been placed at the second and third positions.

India Ranked 57th in Digital Quality of Life 2020, Denmark tops: DQL Index 2020 by SurfShark

In accordance with the 2nd edition of global research “Digital Quality of Life (DQL) Index 2020”  released by online privacy solutions provider SurfShark, India ranked 57th out of 85 countries in terms of overall category “Digital Quality of Life 2020” with 0.5 index points which has been topped by Denmark with 0.79 points.

Report of “The Global Direct Selling – 2019 Retail Sales” by the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA)
➡️United States-1

 According to the Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) 2020, released by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, India has ranked third among the top 10 countries that have gained in forest areas in the last decade.
The top 10 countries that have recorded the maximum average annual net gains in forest area during 2010-2020 are China, Australia, India, Chile, Vietnam, Turkey, the United States, France, Italy and Romania.

Foreign Exchange Reserves

“INFORM Report 2020: Shared evidence for managing crises and disasters”-"INFORM Risk Index”

cancer preparedness among Asia-Pacific countries as per Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) report

RankCountryScore (out of 100)
2South Korea83.4

World Press Freedom Index 2020
➡️ India: - 142
➡️ Norway: - 1

 World Happiness Index 2020
➡️ India: - 144
➡️ Finland: - 1

 Direct Sales Industry Index 2020
➡️ India: - 15
➡️ USA: - 1

 Global Manufacturing Risk Index 2020
➡️ India: - 3
➡️ China: - 1

 Global Real Estate Transparency Index 2020
➡️ India: - 34
➡️ UK: - 1

 Environmental Performance Index 2020
➡️ India: - 168
➡️ Denmark: - 1

 Climate Risk Index 2020
➡️ India: - 5
➡️ Japan: - 1

 Global Climate Change Performance Index 2020
➡️ India: - 9
➡️ Sweden: - 1

 FIFA Ranking 2020
➡️ India: - 108
➡️ belgium

 Sustainable Development Goals Index 2020
➡️ India: - 117
➡️ Sweden: - 1

 World military spending report 2020
➡️ India: - 3
➡️ USA: - 1

 Business Accessibility Index 2020
➡️ India: - 63
➡️ New Zealand: - 1

 Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2020
➡️ India: - 72
➡️ Switzerland: - 1

 World Competitiveness Index 2020
➡️ India: - 43
➡️ Singapore: - 1

 International Intellectual Property Index 2020
➡️ India: - 40
➡️ USA: - 1

 Sustainability Index 2020
➡️ India: - 77
➡️ brewerdi: - 1

 Social Mobility Index 2020
➡️ India: - 76
➡️ Denmark: - 1

 Infant Development Index 2020
➡️ India: - 131
➡️ Norway: - 1

 Global Gender Gap Index 2020
➡️ India: - 112
➡️ Iceland: - 1

 Henley Passport Index 2020
➡️ India: - 84
➡️ Japan: - 1


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