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 Some Questions asked in 28 December's's RRB NTPC Exam 

Q- India's rank in Global Hunger Index? 94

Q- First national park in india in which year: 1936

Q- Capital of Indonesia- Jakarta

Q- Ramsar sites in India- 42

Q- Winner of US Open 2019- Rafael Nadal

Q- 36th ASIAN Summit was held in- Hanoi

Q- Measurment of Speed- Metre/second

Q- SAHELI App is associated to? Pregnant Women

Q- Who discovred Atom?  J. J. Thomson

Q- 2,4,2,?,52

Q- x+y= 12, y+z= 15, z+x= 18, x+y+z=

Q- HCF of 56, 216, 28? 4

Q- A:B:C  2:3:4, find sum= 512

Q- Cot@ is equal to 3/5, then Tan@?- 5/3

Q- Matter is measured in- Kilogram

Q- Wave Sound don't flows in- Vaccum

Q- Sarriculture is related to which crop? Silk

Q- Maximum number of Members in Parliament?

Q- CM of Himachal Pradesh? Jairam Thakur

Q- Mangalyaan 1 was launched in year- 2013

Q- Sabrimala Temple is situated at? In Pathanamthitta district, temple is dedicated to God Ayyappa

Q- First and 24th tirthankar of Jain Religion, 24th - Rishab Dev, Mahavir Swami Ji

Q- Indian Economist Amratya Sen won which award- Nobel Winner

Q-First country takes Covid vaccine- Russia

Q- Article of Election Commission- 324

Q- Saddle Peek is in- Andaman Nicobar

Q- IPL 2020 was held in- Dubai

Q- Deputy CM of Haryana- Dushyant Chautala

Q- UN President- Antonio Guterres

Q- 699 in Roman- DCXCIX

Q- Author of Rajtarangini? Kalhan

40 Real Questions Sent by another Candidate
1) " Swaraj is my birth right and I shall have it - Bal Gangadhar Tilak". 2) 55th Gyanpith Award - Akkitam Achutam Namboothiri 3) URL - uniform Resource Locator. 4) Brain of Computer - CPU 5) UBUNTU is - Operating System 6) Viral disease - Small Pox 7) Youngest President of India - Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy. 8) Maximum Capacity of Loksabha in terms of seats - 552 9) Plant which has Symbiotic relationship - Lichen and Pea. 10) SI Unit of Amount of Substance - Mole 11) Sound cannot travel in - Vacuum. 12) The mass of an object in the earth is 60 kg it's mass on moon - 60kg 13) Sericulture is related to - Silk 14) Mars Mission was Launched on - 5th NOV, 2013 15)Multi barrel rocket launcher of DRDO - Pinak 16) Potato Research Institute is in - Shimla 17) Kundankullam Nuclear Power Plant - Tamil Nadu 18) Environment Protection Act - 1986. 19) Maharatna Co. - Coal India Ltd. 20) European country which are landlocked - Paraguay and Bolivia. 21) Monument not in Delhi - Buland Darwaza 22) Longest Coastline of India in - Gujarat 23) Not a part of Seven Sisters - Sikkim. 24) Patachitra is a painting of - Odhisa 25) Which path connects Leh - Srinagar - Zozila 26) Country not a part of BIMSTEC - Maldives 27) Country not a part of UNSC - Japan 28) International Court of justice - The Hague (Netherlands) 29) Khalsa panth started by - Guru Gobind Singh ji 30) Who wrote Rajtarangini - Kalhana 31) Sabarimala temple is in - Kerala 32) Founder of Prarthana Samaj - Atmarampandurang. 33) Dandi is in - Navsari Distt. GUJARAT. 34) Battle of Panipat 2 - 1556 A. D. 35) Sukyanya samriddhi yojana is - small saving schemes for girl child 36) BOB is merged with - Vijaya and DENA bank 37)Theme of World Environment Day - Time for Nature 38) Venue of Khela India Youth Games 2020 - Guwahati 39) Vande Bharat Express runs between - Delhi to varanasi 40) Gobi Desert is in - Africa.

Sent by another Candidate
1.whr is sabaramala located 
2.who is youngest president 
3.which is not a country of Bimstic
4.simple & compound interest 2 questions asked
5.simplification 3 questions asked basic questions. 
6. Nuclear power station
7. Gandhi dandi March 
8.one syllogics 
9.one blood relation
10.battle of paniput
11. Humayun tomb
12. United security Council year 
13. Youngest president
14. Games khelo india  games 
15.measuration small problems regarding rectangule
16.lcm and hcf 3 questions 
17.seating arrangements
18. Number series
19. Direction 1 q
20.puzzle test 
21.how many triangles in fig
22. Alphabet test
23. Miscellaneous 1 q
24.isro Mars orbit starting year -2012
25. Physics - sound wave is not go for! 
26. Percentage 1 question
27. Trigonometry 3 q
28 . Time & distance 2 q
29. Trains 1 q 
30. Trains tunnel system 

Sent by another Candidate

What is sukanya yojana?

Who wrote ratanagini?

Where is international court of Justice situated?

From where dandi March start

What is the brain of computer

Full form of url

Which 2 bank merge in bank of baroda Bank of baroda merge bank

Who said the slogan purn swaraj

Which disease is due to virus

If a man weight in earth 60kg than what is the weight on moon

Sent by another Candidate

. Fifa World Cup 2026 Kaha par Hoga ? 
Ans-Host countries - Canada, Mexico ,United States
●2022 FIFA World Cup- Qatar 
●2018 FIFA World Cup- Russia



World Environment day?
5 June 

●The theme for 2019 is “Air pollution 
●The theme for World Environment Day 2020 is, 'Time for Nature

Full form of HTML?


What is the chemical formula of Carbon Monoxide?

Jammu kashmir  dance- Rauf

Governor belongs to which article ?- Article 153

The chemical name of K2SO4?

Railway NTPC Memory Based GA Questions - 

              Shift - 

️Q1) Who is the head of DRDO?
Ans: Satish Reddy

️Q2) Who was the Viceroy when was Bengal Divided?
Ans: Lord Curzon

️Q3) Which is India's First National Park?
Ans: Jim Corbett National Park

️Q4) Surat is situated on the bank of which river?
Ans: Tapti

️Q5) When was the 2nd battle of Panipat fought?
Ans: 1556 (Akbar Defeated Hemu) 

️Q6) Where was the commonwealth youth game held?
Ans: Belfast (Northern Ireland) 

️Q7) Environment day theme?
Ans: Time For Nature

️Q8) Where is the Gobi Desert?
Ans: Mangolia and China

️Q9) Bank Of Baroda is merged with which bank?
Ans: Dena Bank & Vijay Bank merged with BoB.

️Q10) Who won the US Open 2020 (Men)?
Ans: Dominic Thiem

️Q11) What is the unit of distance?
And - Meter

️Q12) Who is current the CJI?
Ans: Sharad Arvind Bobde

️Q13) What is the density of earth?
Ans: 5.51 gm/cm^3

️Q14) What is the density of moon?
Ans: 3.34 gm/cm^3

️Q15) Where is Saddle Peak or Saddle Hill located?
Ans: Andaman & Nicobar Islands

️Q16) Diseases caused by the Virus?

️Q17) Measurement of substance?

️18) What is the brain of the computer
Ans: CPU

️Q19) Swaraj Mera Janamsidh Adhikar Ha is said by?
Ans: Bal Gangadhar Tilak

️Q20) When was Chandrayan 2 was launched?
Ans: 22 July, 2019

️Q21) Election Commission operates under which article?
Ans: Article 324-329 & Part 15 of the constitution

️Q22) What will be the effect on Mass when you travel to the moon?

Ans: No effect. Mass is same at everywhere

️Q23) International Mother Earth day is observed on?
Ans: 22 April

️Q24) Who is the author of RajTarangini?
Ans: Kalhana

️Q25) If your weight on earth is 60kg. What will be your weight on the moon?
Ans: The weight on the moon will become 1/6th of the original weight Le 10 kg

️Q26) Where is Mukurthi national park?
Ans: Nilgiri, Tamil Nadu

️Q27) Where is women's day celebrated?
Ans: 8 March

️Q28) When is Ozone Day observed? Ans: 16 September

️Q29) When was CPCB established?
Ans: 1974

️Q30) Light year is an unit of
Ans: Distance

️Q31) Gyanpeeth 2019 was awarded to?
Ans: Akkitham Achuthan Namboothiri (Malayalam) 

️Q32) Rukmini Devi Arundale is associated with which dance form?
Ans: Bharatanatyam

️Q34) When was jnanpith award given to Amitav Ghosh?
Ans: Dec 2018

️Q35) What is the formula of urea?
Ans: NH2-CO-NH2 

️Q36) What is the rank of India in the Global Hunger Index?
Ans: 94

️Q37) Which state has the longest seashore?
Ans: Gujarat

️Q38) Sericulture is?
Ans: Silk cultivation

️Q39) Who is the CM of Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Jay Ram Thakur

Railway NTPC Memory Based GA Questions - 
DRDO Head? Dr. G. Satheesh Reddy,

First COVID-19 Vaccine? Russia: Sputnik

Election Commission Articles? Art. – 324,

Gobi Desert? Asia,

Saddle Peak? Andaman & Nicobar,

Earth Day? April 22nd,

Women Day? March 8.

Commonwealth Youth Games? 2021:U.K, 2019:U.K,

Electric Current Unit? Ampere,

Total Ramsar Sites? 42 Sites,

The writer of Rajtarangni? Kalhan,

55th Gyanpeeth Award? Arkham Achuthan Namboothiri,

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant? Tamil Nadu,

Sukanya Samridhi Yojana? For the girl child,

One question related to seven sisters?

Mountain pass b/w Jammu and Leh? Banihal Pass,

Bengal Division? 1905,

2nd Battle of Panipat? November 5, 1556,

Bihar Governor? Phagu Chauhan,

Longest Highway? N.H-44,

Chicken Kari Embroidery associated with? Lucknow,

Double Helix Model of DNA? Francis Creek & James Watson,

Prathana Sabha? 1867,

Maximum Lok Sabha Seat? 552,

First Tirthankar? Rishavdev,


Himachal Pradesh C.M? Jai Ram Thakur,

Vande Bharat between? Delhi-Varanasi,

Sabrimala Temple is located? Kerala,

Youngest President of India? Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy,

the pH of lemon? Ans- 2.5,

Bhopal gas Treadey gas? Methyl Isocynatae,

Tear Gas? Chlorobenzalmalononitrile,

Bank Merger-1 question.

The brain of a Computer? CPU,

Ubuntu? Operating System,

URL full form? uniform resource locator,

Khelo India 2020? Guwahati,

Is the state having the longest coastline? Gujarat

Microsoft CEO? Satya Nadela, etc

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