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Swatch Bharat abhiyaan launched ?2 October 2014

Methane ?CH4

Si unit force ?newton

Kuchipudi dance -andra Pradesh 

Facebook founder ?mark Zuckerberg

Olympic 2021? Japan Tokyo 

Olympic2024? Paris 

Formula of kinetic energy?1/2mv2

TCP full form ? transmission control protocol

At what place will the Olympics 2020 which is due to corona be held in 2021?
- Tokyo, Japan)

In which field is the Nobel Prize awarded?
- 6 in area

Who is the Chairman of 15th Finance Commission?
- N. K. Singh

What is the SI unit of force?
- Newton

What is the number of members of Rajya Sabha?
- 250

When and where was the first session of Congress?
-31 Dec 1885 Bombay

Who is the founder of Facebook?
- Mark Zuckerberg

Which was the cleanest city of India in 2019?
- Indore

According to the 2011 census, which state has the highest literacy rate?
- Kerala

In which part is the Fundamental Right?
- Part-3

What was the theme of Environment Day?
- Climate Action

Who did the cell scare?
- Robert Hooke

What is the full form of OLED?
- Organic Light Emitting Diode

When was the foundation of Taj Mahal laid?
- 1632

When was Aryabhatta satellite launched?
- 19 April 1975

What is the classical dance of Andhra Pradesh?
- Kuchipudi

When was ISRO established?
- 15 August 1969

How many countries have veto power?
- 5

What is the scientific name of banyan?
- Ficus benghalensis

When did the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign come?
- 2015

Swatchh Bharat Launch Date-02-oct-2014

OLE-Object Linking and Embedding.

2019 World Environment Day Theme? Air Polllution

The cell was first discovered by? Robert Hooke in 1665 using a microscope

Anglo Mysore Wars? 4

Kolleru Lake State? Andhra Pradesh

Forest Coverage IFSR 2019? 24.56%

SAARC Countries how many? 8

Freezing Point of water in kelvin ?273.2 K

Docrine of Lapse inroduced by? Lord Dalhousie

Ghadar Party founder ? Lala Hardayal

Which Makes Lime water milky ? Co2

Bharatratna Started Year?1954

Dowry Prohibition Act? 1961

WHO declared Algeria and Argentina as malaria-free iin 2019. 

kudumbashree scheme? kerala

India Costline?7516.6km

Kuchipidi ? Andhrapradesh

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