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 1. Who has been appointed Governor of Goa - Satyapal Malik
2. The world bank chairman who recently resigned - Jim Yong Kim

3. The first metal used by human is - Copper

4. Cryolite is an ore of which - Aluminium

5. Arjun Awards were started in which year - 1961

6. Ashtdiggaj was related to the court of which king - Krishna Dev Rai

7. Which state has largest reserves of Gypsum - Rajasthan

8. Which country will host Asian Boxing Championship, 2020 - India

9. National Book Trust was founded in which year - 1957

10. Sanghai festival is celebrated in which state - Manipur

11. Majuli island is in which river- Brahmaputra(Assam)

12. International Yoga Day is observed on which date - 21 June

13. Garibi Hatao ("Remove poverty") was the theme and slogan of Indira Gandhi's

1971 election campaign.

14. The first train of India was run in which year - 1853

15. Headquarters of Asian Development Bank is located at - Philippines

16. 11th BRICS summit was held in which country - Brazil

17. Dyarchy, system of double government was introduced by which act –

Government of India Act, 1919

18. Elephant caves are located – Maharashtra (Island of Gharaphuri)

19.  4th Buddhist Council Patron? Kanishka

20.Who not attended 2nd or 1st Round table conference?

21. Coromondal state? Tamilnadu

22.GST Date and year? 01 July 2017

23. 1974 Railway Strike leader? George fernandes

24.Ancient Monoumnets more in which state ion south India? Karnataka

25.Ancient cities related Question?

26.1962 China War which Minister Resigned? V.K. Krishna Menon

27. ASDL-Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

28.World sustainable development summit 2019? Delhi

29.Deccan Plateau Soil? Black Soil

30. 2019 IMD World Competitiveness Index India Rank? 43

31. Largest Cold Desert ? Antarctica

32.Chandrayaan-2 Launch vehicle? GSLV MARK-III M1

33. Frontier Gandhi? Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

34. in Ozone ,how many Oxygen molecules? 3

35. Largest Public sector bank? SBI

36.Lord Dalhousie describes which Kindom as "a cherry that will drop into our mouth one day" ? Kingdom of awadh

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