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 Who was the Governor at the time of 1857 revolt? Lord Canning

 Sagar Matha Mountain is in which Country? Nepal

 Who is the Current President of CII? Uday Kotak

 Ratio of Length & Breadth of Indian National Flag? 3:2

 INC Seperated at  which Session of INC? 1907 Surat

What is the Use of Acid & Base? 

Where is the Headquarters of INTERPOL located? Lyon,France

Which of the following Maharashtra folk dance? Tamasha

National science day is celebrated on which date? 28 February

Which is the Largest fresh water lake in the world? Lake Superior

Shahrukh Khan conference with whom on Netflix? 

which Former ISRO chairman gets France's highest civilian award Chevalier de l'Ordre national de la L├ęgion d'Honneur?.A S Kiran Kumar

anshula kant cfo of world bank previous md of which bank? SBI

Who is the inventor of WWW? Tim Berners-Lee

Full form of FORTRAN?. Formula Translation

Who was the Winner of T20 world cup 2007? India

First indian mission to study sun? Aditya L1

President of world bank? David Malpass

 CJ of India as of November 2020? S.A. Bodbe

2nd highest position person as per constitution? Vice-President

Highest Coal Production state in India? Jharkand

WTO 12th Ministerial Conference held at? Nur-Sultan,Kazakasthan

Virupaksha Temple God name? Lord Shiva

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus archiet? Frederick William Stevens

Natyashastra written by? Bharata Muni

Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment? Article 16

Lactose is converted as? Galactose and Glucose

Dolphins found in which river? Ghagra ( as per options)

Benaras hindu University related?

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