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1. Who was the political mentor of Gandhiji - Gopal Krishna Gokhale 

2. Which state topped in wind mill production 2019 - Tamil Nadu

 3. youngest ambassador of unicef - actress Millie Bobby Brown 

4. "Tryst with Destiny" was a speech delivered by whom - Jawaharlal Nehru

 5. Edit key in excel is - F2 

6. which is the largest crude oil and natural gas Company in India - ONGC 

7. Pawan Hans Limited is a government company. 

8. first oil well was drilled in india in - Digboi 

9. What is the rank of India in Human Development Index, 2020 - 131 (2019-129)

10. Full form of COBOL - Common Business Oriented Language 

11. The last captive white tiger named Bajirao died in which park - Sanjay Gandhi National Park 

12. Question related to Kailash Satyarthi bachpan bachao campaign 

13. Full form of BHEL - Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited 

14. What is the unit of Force - Newton 

15. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes which disease - Pernicious anemia 

16. who is the father of Computer-Charles Webbage 

17. If temperature of a wire is increased then the resistant of a wire will increase. 

18. world's biggest toy museum will come up in which state - Gujarat 

19. what are the least reactive element of periodic table-Noble gases 

20. Who founded Aligarh Muslim University-Sir Sayyed Ahmed Khan 

21. Computer virus is a type of software which usually corrupts - Programme files 

22. Which is the most polluted city according to US Air Quality Index, 2020 - Lahore 

23. Butterfly word is related to which sports - swimming 

24. Hazaribagh national park is located in which state -Jharkhand 

25. Who is the ambassador of mobile India - Bajrang Punia

26. which state uses the most pesticides? Maharashtra

27. 2nd Cleanest City in India? Surat

28. Rowlatt act related?

29. Swacha Survekshna 2020 2nd rank? Answer Based on Category Asked in Awards

30. gad Cause for green house gases? co2

31. In May 2020,Cyclone name in Odisha and west Bengal? Amphan

32. First Succesful nuclear test name? Smiling Buddha

33. 17th railway Zone? kolkata

34. temporary Memory in browsing interent? Cookies

35. Madam bikaji Cama invited Hoist national flag of which country? germany

36.longest railway line in world? Trans-Siberian railway

37. Dravidian Stle Architecture temple?

38. Newton 3 laws of motion related?

39.Indian flag position when hoist with other countrynational  flags? right Position

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