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 Best motion picture in Oscar 2020? Parasite

White Tiger Book written by? Aravind adiga

FORTRAN? Formula Translation

WHO HQ? Geneva,Switzterland

Viticulture is related to ? Grapes

1st Rank in Mens ODI as of October 2020? England

Apple Co-founder? Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne

Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip garden where? Srinagar,Jammu and Kashmir

BARC old name? Atomic Energy Establishment, Trombay

tallest tree in the world? California redwoods

largest tree in the world? General Sherman Tree

Desert not in India?

World Environment Day? June 05

PSLV full form? Polar Satellite launch Vehicle

ferozabad buildings built shahjahan daughter?  Jahanara Begum

Magnnesium symbol/? mg

1st five year plan?1951-56

Blood clot Vitamin? K

Demonetisation Date? Nov 8 2016

Who controls insurance companies? IRDAI

Tea and Coffee are which type of crops?

2005 onwards which company stops making pc's? IBM

Gandhi started the non copoeration movement due to ? Jallian wala bagh mascre and rowlatt act

1929 lahore INC session importance? the demand of 'Purna Swaraj' or full independence for India

UNO permanent and Non permanent members? 5 and 10

in which INC Janaganamana first sung? 1911 kolkata session


sarvashiksha abhiyaan childern age? 6-14 years

In 1853 British started ? Railways

World day to combat Desertification and Drought? June 17

Who clear snow from Roads in India? 

Which city not in Madhyapradesh? Raipur(as per ptions)

which is not unesco site? Hawa mahal (as per options)

In deserts some shades like water what is it called? Mirrage

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