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Ajantha Caves located in which State? Maharashtra

konark Sun is located in which state? Odisha

National Waterway 1 connects? Haldia to Prayagraj (1620 km)

Gurunanak Birth year? 15 April 1469

Who won First Booker Prize from India? Arundathi Roy

16th Loksabha Speaker? Sumitra Mahajan

Sariska National Park in which state? Rajastham

Malabar Rebelion year? 1921

WTO established in which year? 1995

Modern mercury Thermometer invented by? Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

who was awarded mexico highest civilian  "Orden Mexicana del Aguila Azteca" (Order of the Aztec Eagle) award 2019? Prathibha Patil

If the bill is to become law,who will Sign it after the Loksabha and Rajyasabha? President

W3C stands for? World Wide Web Consortium

MRTP full form in computer? Monopoly and Restrictive Trade Practice

Minimum age to become Grama panchayat member? 21 years

Who identified hampi as World Heritage Site? UNESCO

Deepest Ocean point in the world? Mariana Trench,pacific ocean

Nadirshah Invaded India in which year? 1738

National Informatics Centre founded year? 1976

National jal Kranti Abhiyan launched year? 2015

Bahuroop gandhi Book author? Anu Bandhopdhyaya

Study of Animal Behaviour? Ethology

finger like structure in small intestine? Villi

Who not Participated in Kakori Robbery? Bhagat Singh as per options

Which  Research Centre Developed in Antartica by Isro ? Bharati

when was william jones established the asiatic society in india? 1784

samwad with students? Isro

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