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 Arundati Roy got Booker Prize for which Novel? The God of Small Things

The wealth of Nations Book author? Adam Smith

Which state is largest producer of Bauxite? Odisha

.com Stands for? Commercial

Which of the following steel plant was started with collaboration of Russia in Chattisgarh? Bhilai Steel Plant

Fixed cost+ variable cost= Total cost

who gave slogan "Jai kisan jai Jawan"? Lal bahadur sashtri

Governor Appointment Article? Article 155

How many carbon atoms are present in lactic acid? 3

Untouchable book author? Mulkraj Anand

League of Nations replaced by? United Nations

who is know as milk man of india? Vurgheese Kurian

GATT full form? The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

Saubhagya scheme related to which ministry? Ministry of power

WWW follows which protocol? HTTP

Border Road Organisation started year? 7 May 1960

Governor General in 1773? Warren Hastings

who opposed pakistan formation?

Amnesty Internatinonal was formed for this pupose?Human Rights

Monora Fort is located in which state? Tamilnadu

What is the process of formation of seeding from Embryo? Germination

Plant Growth measure?

New Nuclear powerplant in India? Kundakulam Power Plant

Kajri Dance form belongs to which state?

vaccum tubes used in which generation of computers? 1st generation

Which is highest affinity to ocygen/? haemoglobin

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