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 Britishers Started which bank in 1770 ? Bank of Hindustan

Who was INC President at time of Poorna Swaraj? Jawaharlal Nehru

United Nations Day Observed on Which day? 24 October 

Bhupen Hazarika Belongs to which state? Assam

Phokran 2 Nucleaar Test year? 1998

How many Times India go to finals in ICC Mens World Cup? 3 times

Voting age change from 21 to 18 in which year ? 1988

Buland Dharwaza built by? Akbar

Grand Trunk road built by? Sher Shah Suri

Who proposed Theory of Relativity? Einstein

WHO HeadQuarters? Geneva

RBI established on 1st April? 1935

First Governor General of free India? Lord Mountabatten

Which City is Known as City of palaces? kolkata

Biogas mainly Consists of ? Methane

Ganga Gram project comes under which ministry? Ministry of Drinking Water and sanitation

NITI Aayog Started Date?  01 january 2015

Swaraj Party founded year/ 1923

Who became the first Indian woman Umpire of ICC panel? GS Lakshmi

Theophastrus is the father of? Botany

Statue of unity is located in which state? gujarat

Database Management system related Question?

UIDAI full form? Unique Idenification Authority of India

SQL related Question?

Drafing Commitee of first five year plan economist? K.N.Raj

Vikram sarabhai Space centre is located at/ Thiruvananthapuramu

C++ was developed at Bell Labs in ? 1980s

What is the moons dark inner shadow? Umbra

Indian Standard time is ? GMT+5:30 hours

Zero milestone where/ Nagpur

1798 governor general ? Lord wellesley

Who described kingdom of Awadh as “a cherry that will drop into our mouth one day”? lord Dalhousie

Solar Power System work on which Principle? Photovoltaic effect

Who defined matter in Chemistry? Dalton

who was India’s chef de mission of 2018 Asian games? Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh

Who is not in parliamnet ? Legislative Assemblies 9as per options in Exam)

India's first biofuel-powered flight landed  at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi in ? August 2018 (Note: Month and year given in options)

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