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 Which Acid used in Eye washed products? Boric Acid

Which cell absorb fat in the blood?

Who has jurisdiction over central government to inquire into allegations of corruption against its public functionaries and for matters connected to corruption.? Lokpal

Lighest Gas? Helium

PMKVY related to ? Skill Development

FAO full form? Food and Agriculture Organisation

Google Co-founder? Larry Page, Sergey Brin

Amazon CEO? Jeff Bezos

Wagha Border located at which place? Amritsar,Punjab

Prime Minister lal Bahadur sastri Samadhi name? Vijay Ghat

Which state has highest literacy rate as per 2011 census? Kerala

India Capital City upto 2011? Kolkata

Highest Cofee producing state? karnataka

EWS reservation bills  accepts which state first? Gujarat

Insat 1A launch date? 10 April 1982

Which missile us offer to india alternative of Russia's S-400 missile? THAAD Defence system

Cache Memory stored in? RAM

Which article denotes "Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment."? Article 16

Swachh Bharat Mission is related to? Clean India

Sports minister as of  2019? Kiren Rijiju

Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve state? Madhya Pradesh

Anandpur Sahib Resolution year? 1973

The amount which is received after retirement is called? Pension

Which acid releases in Stomach? HCL

First Loksabha Elections held year? 1951-52

which is the study of landforms and landform evolution? Geomorphology

IPES full form ( Environment related)? International Payments for Ecosystem Services

Babur defeated Ibrahim lodi in whch year? 1526 (first panipat war)

"Wake Up, India : A Plea For Social Reform" Book Author? Annie Besant

Khilafat Movement and Non Cooperation Movement started year? 1920

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