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 James Chadwick invented?  Neutron

Chandrayaan-1 aprroved in which year by Govt of India? 2003

World Intellectual Property Organization HQ? Geneva,Switzeland

Odisha is the largest producer of ? bauxite

Who won champions of earth award in 2018? Narendra modi

Chandragupta-2 daughter name? Prabhavati Gupta

MPLADS full form? Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme

Epigraphy is the study of? Inscriptions

French Open played on which court/ Clay Court

First Internation airport entirely run on solar energy? Cochin International Airport

Audio storage format related question?

Who won the 7th Dr MS Swaminathan Award for the period 2017-2019? Praveen Rao

SI unit of sound? Decibel

Governemnt acquires how much percentage in SAIL? 75%

The compound which is used for removing permanent hardness of water is ? Na2CO310H2 commonly known as washing soda

1974 Pokhran Test-1 Director? Raja Ramana

Reguar Soil is also called as? Black Soil

Election Commission established date in India? 25 january 1950

Part-III of Indian Constitution deals with? Fundamental Rights

Google Parent Comapny? Alphabet

Padma and Padma Bushan awards related 2 questions?

2020 Nobel literature award winner? Louise Gl├╝ck

Shortcut key for copy and paste? ctrl+c and ctrl+v

Mendeleev Periodic table was modified by whom? Mosley

Who was conferred Swami Vivekananda Karmayogi Award 2020? Jadav Payeng

Which Person Create dispute between congress and Muslim league  in 1928 ? Mohammad Ali Jinnah

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