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From where India's first biofuel-powered flight landed  at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi in August 2018? Dehradun

What is the largest gland in human body? Liver

IIbert Bill time viceroy? Lord rippon

2019 COPA America Winner? Brazil

Alai Minar built by? Alauddin Khalji

Which is not a browser?

Second Highest mountain in the world after Mount Everest? K2

SBI old name? Imperial bank of India

The kidneys remove from the blood the nitrogenous wastes such as urea, as well as salts and excess water, and excrete them in the form of urine. This is done with the help of? Nephron

First five year plan period? 1951-56

Which is operating system?

Who is not worked as RBI Governor?

National Pollution Prevention Day? December 2

Qutub Minar Construction Started by? Qutub-ud-Din Aibak

Nepal does not share Border wiith which state? 

World bank started which year? 1944

2nd Anglo-Mysore war year? 1780-84

Which  book contains the state document established for documenting rare and endangered species of animals, plants and fungi as well as some local sub-species? Red Data Book

Direct Administration by the british started in which year? 1858

2023 ICC World cup Venue? India

Grey revolution related to ? fertilizers

Big Inch pipe is used in which industry? Petroleum

First state formed based on Panchayat raj in India? Rajasthan

Article 343 related to? Hindi in Devanagari script shall be the Official Language of the Union

Natioanl stock Exchange HQ? Mumbai

United Nations Organisation first Secretary General? Trygve Lie

Rabindranath tagore got Nobel Prize in 1913 for which Book? Geethanjali

UNO languages related?  Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.(6)

How many languages are there in 8th schedule of Indian Constitution? 22

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