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Where is Kathiawar Peninsula located? Gujarat,Arabian Sea

Which of these Banks not run by Govt? ICICI Bank (as per options)

SI unit of Sound? Decibel

Khilafat movement started in which country? Turkey

Kailash Satyatrthi got Nobel Peace Prize in 2020 for? Bachpan Bachao Andolan

Which of the following is Volatile Memory? RAM (as per options)

Speed of wind is measured by? Anemometer

2019 Bharat Ratna Award related question?

Biggest Atomic Power Plant in India? Kudankulam Power Plant

IPAB full form? Intellectual Property Appellate Board

IDN full form? 'Internationalized Domain Name'.

Impeachment of president article? 61

Who was 24th Thirthankara? Mahavira Swami Ji

How baby gets nutrients in womb? placenta

India's first female jawan in the Indian Army? Shanti Tigga

Blue Viriol Chemical Name? Copper(II) sulfate

Jokha Alharti got the Interntional Booker Prize for which novel? Celestial Bodies

Who ruled after Chandragupta-1? Samudragupta

What is heat budget of atmosphere? The balance of incoming and outgoing heat on Earth is referred to as its heat budget.

Which Connects bone to bone? Ligament

Sanchi Stupa is in which state? Madhya Pradesh

Study of earthquakes? Sesimology

IMF total members as of October 2020? 190

ILO HQ? Geneva,Switzerland

Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt threw political handouts and smoke bombs at the Delhi Central Legislative Assembly in? 1929

Kollleru Lake is in which state? Andhra Pradesh

Pluto Discovered by? Clyde William Tombaugh

NHRC headed by? retired Chief justice of the Supreme Court of India

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