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Which of The Following is A Terrestrial Planet? a) Earth b) Uranus c) Jupiter d) Saturn Ans. Option (a) Earth
State and Central Interlink is Mentioned in Which Schedule? Seventh Schedule 
In Which Year Was Hindu Widow Remarriage Act Passed? 26th July 1856
Which State is The Highest Wind Power Producers of India? State of Tamil Nadu
Brihadeshwara Temple in Odisha Belongs to Which Style of Architecture? Dravidian Architecture
What is Another Name for Jog Falls? Gersoppa Falls
Mission Shakti Related Question?
Which is The Largest Road Corridor in India from East to West? From Silchar to Porbandar
Babur wrote Baburnama in Which Language? Chagatai (Turkic) Language
Which is The Largest Physiographic Unit of India? Ans. Depending on Options
Why is Turmeric Yellow in Colour?  Curcumin
What is The Largest Gland in Human Body? Liver
What is The Full Form of ALU?  Arithmetic Logic Unit 
When did Bhagat Singh Threw Bombs in The Central Legislative Assembly? April 8, 1929
Question Related to Patna Kalam?
When Was Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Established? 15th June 2001
Antonio Guterres Belongs to Which Country? Portuguese
What Type of Tax is GST? Indirect Tax 
Which State Has The Highest Per Capita Income in India in 2018-19? Goa
What is The CRY Scheme Related to? Child Rights & You is an Indian NGO (Non- Governmental Organization) that works towards ensuring happier childhoods for all children. 
 How Many Seats Has BJP Won in 2019 Elections?  303
Full Form of ILO?International Labour Organization
Where is The Headquarters of WIPRO? Bengaluru
Where Was The 1919 Khilafat Movement Started?
What is The Name of the Long-Range, All-Weather, Subsonic Cruise Missile Launched on April 15 2019? Nirbhay
In Which Year Was The Air Pollution Act Passed?  1981
In Dec 2020 Which country hosted underwater meeting about seas? Maldives
Rods and Cones are present in? Eyes
Igneous rock related Question?
In which year world cup,ICC decided to reduce the overs from 60 to 50? 1987
Which fluid is present in between bone to bone? Synovial fluid

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