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Who is The Chairman of NITI AAYOG? PM Narendra Modi 

Question Related to Aravalli Range? 

Who is The Vice President of India? M. Venkaiah Naidu 

What is The Chemical Formula of Common Salt? NaCl 

What is The Party Name of Pakistan PM Imran Khan? Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf 

Joule is the SI unit of what? Energy 

.How Many Symbols are there in Hexadecimal?  16

Which Strait Separates US and Russia? Bering Strait 

What is Another Name for Cat Family? Felidae 

Bombay Stock Exchange is Located in Which Street? Dalal Street 

During The Muslim League who was the governor- general of India and where was the Muslim League started? Lord George Nathaniel Curzon, Dhaka, Bangladesh 

Who Was The First Chairman of Indian Railway?  FC Badhwar 

 What is The Name of The Japan Parliament?  The Diet 

What is The Maximum Number of Seats in The Lok Sabha? 552

Who is The Secretary General of WTO? Roberto Azev√™do 

 Which of the following is the largest delta in the world?  Ganges & Brahmaputra Delta 

Who is The Chairman of CSIR? Dr. Shekar C Mande 

Who is The Chairman of the 15th Finance Commission? N K Singh

Which Canal is Between Atlantic and Pacific Ocean? The Panama Canal 

 Which National Park Has A Large Number Of Rhinos? Kaziranga National Park 

Keibul Lamjao National Park Related Question? 

Who Is The Oldest Person to Take Oath as A Prime Minister? Morarji Desai 

 Which of The Following Does not belong to Google?   I Tunes 

Which Was The first & last INC session of MK Gandhi? 1924 Belgaum 

Who Was The Governor-General During Bengal Partition?  Lord Curzon 

Hinayana is related to Which Religion? Buddhism 

Who Won More Number of FIFA World Cups?  Brazil 

Who is not a Member Of the 1946 Cabinet Mission?  Simon

1st CEO of Railway? Vinod Kumar Yadav

Lawyer of Kulbhushan Jadav? Harish Salve

2019 Padmabhushan award given to which scientist? S Nambi Narayan

Man booker prize related Question?

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