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 Dharmasabha was formed by? Radhakanta Deb

1st EVM election held in which state in india? Kerala

Poona Pact was an agreement between? Gandhi and Ambedkar

What is the process of coating on Aluminium? Aluminizing

Whos the chairman of ISRO at the time of Chandrayaan-1? Madhavan Nair

Who was Rabia Durrani? Dilras Banu Begum

Gaurharia Dance belongs to which state? Chattisgarth

For Gnanpith Award winners which statue was given to them? Saraswati

Godavari River origin? Triambakeshwar

Bari Doab lies between which rivers? the Ravi and the Beas

* Bist Doab-Beas and Sutlej

Mechi River is Tributary of? Mahananda River

Ganghadar  Chattopadhyaya another name? Bankim Chandra chatterjee

Note: Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa Dev (Gadadhar Chattopadhyaya)

First world conference on the environment? 1972 (Stockholm)

Patola Sarees state? Gujarat

UNO Secretary-General Kofi Annan have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize  in which year? 2001

Rythu Bandu Scheme is related to which state? Telangana

Rythu Barosa-Andhra Pradesh

Acid rain related question?

Larva stages related?

Five star villages scheme related?

Highest Producer of coffe in world? Brazil

Who is the father of Archaeology in India? Sir Alexander Cunningham

A 32-bit register can store? 2³² different values.

"Give my place,I will move the earth" Quote given by which scientist?  Archimedes

Ringorm is caused by? Fungus

RBI Executive Directors related?

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