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 Chandrayaan-1 Lauch Vehicle name? PSLV-XL-C11

World Bank President? David Malpass

World Bank HQ? Washington

IBRD and IDA is a part of? World Bank

How Many nuclear bomb test explosions conducted by India at the Indian Army's Pokhran Test Range in May 1998? Five

What is the name o ZnSo₄.7H₂O? Zinc Sulfate

2019-20 Ranji Trophy Winner? Saurashtra

Where was Gandhi when India got Indepedence? Calcutta

Rajiv Gandhi Khel ratna Award Winner Mirabai Chanu belongs to which sports? Weightlifting

Valmiki Wild life Sanctuary located in which state? Valmiki

Santhal rebellion (1855) Leaders? Sidhu Murmu and Kanhu Murmu

The joint sitting of the Parliament Article? 108

Satish Dawan Space centre located at? Nellore,Andhrapradesh

Gandhi Came to Champaran in which year? 1917

How many Associated Banks of SBI merged in 2017? 5

Hawa Mahal is Built on inspired by this unique structure? Khetri Mahal 

Hawa Mahal Alternative names-Palace of the Winds, Palace of the Breeze

Guru Shikar is highest peak in which Mountain Range? Aravalli mountains

What is Kilimanjaro in Africa? Volcano

Andaman and Nicobar Capital? Portblair

Muslim league formed year? 1906

1024 MB=1 GB

GUI full form? Graphical User Interface

Oldest Veda? Rigveda

RBI issued Currency Notes on the basis of? Minimum Reserve System(MRS)

Chromite Ore mainly found in which state? Odisha

Biotite is name used for a large group of? Black Mica

Which book is translated into Hindi by PV Narasimha Rao? Sahasraphan

Odisha CM launches ' The 'Green Mahanadi Mission' is a plantation drive under which 2 crore saplings will be planted along the Mahanadi river and its tributaries. The main objective of the mission is to stop soil erosion on river banks and recharge the groundwater reserve. The mission aims to protect the Mahanadi River and keep it alive.

Sunderban Delta is a? Mangrove forests

Great Barrier Reef is the worlds largest Coral reef System

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