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♦ First Governor of Reserve Bank of India? Sir Osborne Smith

Why is D₂O Called Heavy Water?
In ordinary water, each hydrogen atom has just a single proton in its nucleus. In heavy water, each hydrogen atom is indeed heavier, with a neutron as well as a proton in its nucleus. This isotope of hydrogen is called deuterium, and heavy water's more scientific name is deuterium oxide, abbreviated as D₂O.

♦  Loktak is largest fresh water lake in? North East India

♦ Famous dance of kerala done in 8 Plays is? Krishnanattam

♦ 2019 Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize Winner in Literature? Rana Dasgupta

♦ Operation Vijay is name for which war? Kargil war

♦ Which Company invented Malaria vaccine? GlaxoSmithKline

♦ In the Book "Abhijnana Shakuntalam" Son name of Shakuntala was?  Sarvadamana      (Bharata)

♦ "Abhijnana Shakuntalam" Written by? Kalidasa

♦ Bengal Gazette founder? James Augustus Hicky

♦ Khilafat Year? 1919

♦ Right to Equality Article? Article 14

♦ East India Association was founded by? Dadabhai Naoroji

♦ Which State is the Largest Producer of graphite in India? Tamilnadu

♦ ICC Men's ODI Cricketer of the decade? Virat Kohli

♦ Example of High level Language? Python, Visual Basic, Delphi, Perl, PHP, ECMAScript, Ruby, C#, Java

♦ Which line is between India and Pakistan? Radcliff Line

♦ Full form of NASSCOM? National Association of Software and Service Companies

♦ Under Right to water  55 litres of water per person is given per day  by which state? Madhya Pradesh

♦ Right to Life Article? Article 21

♦  Who said An atom consists of a positively charged sphere and the electrons are embedded in it? JJ Thomson

♦ Which state banned E-Cigarettes in May 2019 ? Rajasthan

♦ Ajanta Caves located in which state? Maharashtra

♦ CM of Goa? Pramod Sawanth

♦ Which Country has the mosr nuclear reactors? United States

♦ Leader of Extremists? Bal Gangadhar Tilak

♦ Under PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Ssheme how much amount was given? RS.6000 

♦ Vijay Diwas Day? 16 December

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