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♦ NITI Aayog First Chairman? Narendra Modi

♦ Light Blue litmus Paper turns to Red Under which PH Value ? 4.5–8.3 ( Acidic)

♦ Cicil services Day? 21 April

♦ The Planning Commisssion abolished on which year? 2014

♦ Title of Governor General Changed to Viceroy in which year? 1858

♦ Which state govt gives kalidas Samman Award? Madhyapradesh

♦ Young nobel prize winner as of oct 2020? Malala Yousafzi

♦ kaziranga National Park state? Assam

♦ PM Inagurated the New Supreme Court Building  of which country recently? Mauritius

♦ Ganga Action plan related?

♦ Murudeshwar temple located in which state? Karnataka

♦ First general Elections of loksabha? 1951-52

♦ 6th largest Country area wise? Australia

♦ First manned mission of India? Gaganyaan

♦ Sonal Mansigh is a famous? Dancer

♦ Why Gandhiji Stopped Non-Cooperation Movement? Chaura Chauri Incident

♦ National Forest Research Institute located at? Dehradun

♦ Sky look like Blue in Colour due to? Scattering of light

♦ How many states share border with Nepal? Five

♦ India is not a member of? Options: NATO,SCO,UNO,G20 , ANS: NATO

♦ Dentist mirror? Concave Mirror

♦ NABARD full form? National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development

♦ 3rd Buddhist Council Patron? Ashoka

♦ Article 78 of Indian Constitution? Duties of Prime Minister as respects the furnishing of information to the President

♦ Which Ministry Implemented GST? Ministry of Finance

♦ Who is know as Iron Man of India? Sardar vallabhai Patel

♦ How many Nn Permanent Countries are there in UN Security Council? 10

♦ The Early History of India Book author? Vincent Arthur Smith

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