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2018 FIFA world cup winner? France

female literacy rate according to 2011 census? 65.46%

ASCII full form? American Standard Code for Information Interchange

Which state is largest producer of Bauxite? Odisha

Poorna swaraj Declared in which INC session? 1929

Hind Swaraj book wriiten by? Gandhi

Bronze nataraja Idol found in which Indus Valley Civilisation site? Mohenjadaro

which airways stops operations in 2019? Jet Airways

India launches its first Multi wavelength space observatory? ASTROSAT

National Remote Sensing Centre is at? Hyderabad

S.I unit of lens? Dipotre

Zayed Medal gives to modi by which country? UAE

How many Nuclear powerplants in india are operational as of 2020? 7

Iodine is essential for which gland? Thyroid

 How many banks nationalised in 1969? 14

UNDP full form? United Nations Develpment programme

JNNURM full form? Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission

Napolean of India? samudragupta

Jallianwala Bagh Mascare Place/ Amritsar

Humayun Nama was written by? Gulbadan begam

Number of parliamentary constituencies elected in 2019 election? 

Chipko Movement related to ? forest trees cutting

when did george-III established supreme court? 1774

Which was the first Country to declare independence from the  USSR?  Lithuania

2018 AIBA Womens world Boxing Champion? marykom

Sound files in Computer saved in which format? .wav

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